• Controlled Combustion

    Manufacturers Representatives

    Serving North and South Carolina with commercial and industrial heating equipment and process combustion equipment.

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  • 1 Commercial & industrial heating & process combustion equipment
  • 2 Power Flame FD Burners
  • 3 York Shipley Boilers
  • 4 Bekaert
  • 5 Durag
  • 6 E Instruments
  • 7 Itron
  • 8 Infrasave Radiant Heaters
  • 9 Marsden Process Heating
  • 10 Maxitrol Gas Regulators

Titan Air Incorporated

Make-up Air Heaters

Make-up air heaters, variable volume heaters, high temp. spray/ bake heaters, custom air handlers.

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SCC Combustion

Siemens Combustion Controls

Motorized gas valves with single or double bodies, UL/FM/AGA - Flame safety controllers, gas pressure switches, modulation actuators. Linkageless burner control.

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Per-Browser Specific Control


The Gantry Framework has the ability to load different CSS files based upon which browser and operating system is viewing the template. This allows complete control over how a site is displayed to even the pickiest browser!

Every CSS file can be customized for different browser and operating system combinations with Gantry Framework. This is handy for targeting specific browser issues, such as IE6 compatibility. Each file is automatically loaded by the framework based on which browser/operating system is viewing the template.

Growl-Style Event Notifications


AJAX-powered non-intrusive growl-style notifications for events such as save, cache clearing, etc.

Menu-Item Assignments


Layouts, colors, features, etc. can all be different for any menu item.